The Design

There are many important individual aspects that go into planning a successful Home Theater Design. We have broken down the process into 10 easy steps to ensure 100% client satisfaction...

Step 1: Choose a Location

We help Identify and Define a Space that will be suitable for your needs.

Step 2: Conceptual Design:

We establish a theme with the home owners interests in mind and provide concept sketches as well as Interior finishing suggestions.

Step 3: 3D Models:

Our Team then takes the concepts and applies them into a 3D representation of the Room with we present to the client and discuss refinements to the concept.

Step 4: AV Planning:

We help with Audio and Visual Planning for the room with full equipment and smart home technology recommendations.

Step 5: CAD Drawings:

Once the design is approved, we produce professional Architectural Drawings for Permit and Build requirements.

Step 6: Permits and Clearances:

If required, our team will procure all necessary permits to commence construction.

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The Build

Once the design phase is complete we commence with a fully integrated build including a budget and timeline.

Step 7: Preliminary Construction:

Our team then commences construction which includes all aspects of the Design Build such as Framing, Sound Proofing, Electrical, Drywall, HVAC, prewiring AV and custom carpentry.

Step 8: Custom Millwork:

While the construction is ongoing, our offsite team would be manufacturing any necessary custom Millwork such as Bars, Cossession stands, Wall units, equipment Racks, all professionally crafted and reading for installation.

Step 9: Interior Finishes:

Once the base construction is done we will move onto the finishings which include custom painting, wall treatments, final lighting, curtains, seating, carpeting, millwork installation, architectural features, signage and popcorn procurement.

Step 10: ENJOY:

Your Luxury Home Theater is now ready for you to enjoy.